Janice Quinlan

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What are your ministry responsibilities?

“I taught at the Bible College in Khon Kaen for 20 years and in May 2012, I became Field Director of the Siam Mission of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. My major responsibilities include: 1. Administration of the Mission office. 2. Pastoral Care of the IW's that serve under the umbrella of the Siam Mission. 3. Serve as a liaison between the Mission and the Thailand Christian and Missionary Alliance Churches. 4. Vice Chairman of the Board of Northeastern Bible Seminary. “

What are the two most interesting and exciting things that you experienced in your ministry during the past term?
Serving as Field Director was never on my radar screen. God really surprised me with this. It has been a wonderful experience for me and an opportunity to grow. I have been stretched in so many ways, what a journey!

Jocelyn Brown