Update on Alliance Churches Devastated by CA Fires

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With the fires still going in California, here's an update on Alliance churches posted on November 15th:

“Yesterday was a Sunday filled with raw emotion as nearly 2000 people gathered at Neighborhood Church of Chico (NC Chico) for combined services with Paradise Alliance Church (PAC). PAC pastor, Josh Gallagher, who has only been there three months and also lost his home, brought the message and encouraged his people to grieve, and to grieve well. As Donice and I walked through the main NC Chico sanctuary, the “Dome,” seeing people sitting in their seats weeping told me this was exactly what was needed. We are all so grateful to NC Chico for taking in this sister church and providing a home for this season.

PAC pastor Josh Gallagher delivers a message on "Grieving Well."
Josh stated, “We will be back up on the hill, but for now we are here.” He shared of wrestling with his own reactions to God in the service. After the worship team sang “You Are Good,” Josh spoke of knowing with his head, “Yes, God is good, but, I sure don’t feel like it right now,” and of it taking several times singing through the song to finally gain the peace of God in this dark time. He spoke of the importance to remember that God is the God of AND—we can be Sad and Happy, be Angry and Love, have Questions and Faith, Fear and Trust, Cry and Smile. This is exactly where so many of these precious people are right now.”

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Jocelyn Brown