Nominating Positions

Nominating Procedure

The member wishing to place someone in nomination MUST contact and obtain permission from the person to be nominated and receive assurance that the person will allow his/her name to be considered.

  • The member wishing to place the name in the nomination will then submit the name to the nominating committee IN WRITING. Please submit all nominations by Sunday, November 4th, 2018. (See nominating committee below.)

  • The Nominating Committee may also elect NOT to consider the person as their nominee.

  • Any nomination for the position of Elder or Deacon requires prior approval of the Elders and the Governing Board.

  • There will be NO nominations received from the floor during the election process for Elders or Deacons.

Taken from the Christ Chapel of the Christian and Missionary Alliance Constitution and Bylaws, Article XIV- Elections.

Nominating Committee

Pastor Doug Dry

Robin Keegan-Spence

Jay Mantie

Jo Tuttle  

Bill Wilber

Nominating Positions

Missions Team Leader- 1 Year
Lead the missions committee as they serve to promote, support, teach about local and global missions, and prepare a monthly report.
Governing Board Members at Large- 1 Year
Represent the interests and needs of the congregation while serving on the Governing Board. Monthly meeting attendance. 3 positions.
Governing Board Secretary- 1 Year
Record minutes at monthly Governing Board meetings.
Treasurer- 1 Year
Work with the Financial Secretary to disburse funds according to budget, manage cash flow, and prepare monthly and annual financial reports. 
Trustee- 2 Years
Assess, maintain, and improve the condition of the church building and grounds.
Trustee Team Leader- 1 Year
Lead the Trustee team, conduct monthly meetings, and prepare a monthly report.

The following positions need to be approved by the current elders before being submitted to the congregation.
Deacon/Deaconess- 2 Years
Focus on the 'life needs' of the congregation by coordinating help to individuals or families in need. Also, help with communion and church-wide hospitality events.
Deacon Team Leader- 1 Year
Lead the Deacon team, conduct monthly meetings, and prepare a monthly report.
Elder- 2 Years
Oversee the spiritual welfare of the congregation, shepherding our people through prayer, Biblical instruction, discipling relationships, and personal example. Elder positions are only open to men.

Jocelyn Brown