Ages 0-3*

We provide a clean, caring, and safe environment where children can experience God's unconditional love.

Nursery is available the entire service time and during Sunday School.

Contact Gail Soderstrom with any questions at

*Potty-trained 3 year olds who are able to participate in a group setting are invited to join us in Sunday School.

Toddler time

Ages 2-4

This time provides a gentle introduction to toddler friendly worship and Bible with plenty of play time.

Contact Denise Astorino with any questions at

Children's Church

Ages 4 years old- 1st grade

A great program that transitions between nursery to a more structured learning environment with 'kid-friendly' worship, lessons, and crafts.

The purpose is for children to understand the Bible as God's Word for us, to know the stories of the Bible and how they fit together in the grand narrative of redemption, and to understand basic biblical concepts (e.g. sin, forgiveness, salvation).

Contact Gail Soderstrom with any questions, at

Junior Church

Ages 2nd - 4th grade

This is a more structured classroom setting that provides age- appropriate foundational biblical literacy. It is the hope that this class will provide children with the following skills for life:

  • Know how to use a chapter and verse Bible

  • Know the books of the Bible

  • Understand foundational concepts (e.g. worship, salvation, communion, baptism, tithing)

  • Understand biblical literacy

Contact Jen Eastman with any questions at

Our goals for Sunday School are to

  • Teach about Jesus Christ, what it means to have a personal relationship with Him, and the Trinity.

  • Disciple through Bible teaching, memorization, prayer, service, and personal application of biblical principles.

  • Nurture relationships among the children with their teachers and the broader church family.

Sunday School classes are available for children ages Pre-K- 12th grade, as well as adults.

Sunday School